As car insurance claims rise in winter, time to stay alarmed

According to the car insurance provider AA, the number of claims in December has gone up by 40%. The reason behind this has been bad weather. Another reason that is being given for this is that the drivers in UK lack goodwill while driving in the cold seasons when the roads are all covered with ice. The snow fall in the recent days and freezing temperature have led to disastrous roads covered with ice. Some of the drivers had to stop using their vehicles because a lot of damage was done to their cars by some other drivers.

This is why they are making more claims. Some people have reported incidents of theft and damage to the insurance companies and the reason behind them being someone else’s mistakes. The drivers do not have goodwill and do not even leave a note on the car just because they caused damage to it and should be ready to pay for the insurance costs and the damages done. If you have done damage to a car by mistake, you should have the manners to leave a note so that the claim of the car can be sorted out easily.

There have been cases where the cars were left for defrosting and were stolen. While the owner waits for the car to warm up, the thieves stole it. These cases are common during the winter months and are a cause of worry as well for the insurance companies and as well as for the car owners. Every winter it is the same story and this is why the owners are informed and alarmed to keep a check on their vehicles. Also, if you do not have a car insurance policy, compare car insurance and buy a policy to protect yourself and others.

Article written by the marketing division of Compare.Com.

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